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Xiamen One Translation Service Co., Ltd. is a professional translation service provider with excellent translation team and advanced IT management technology. Regarding helping customers to promote their internationalization progress and perfecting the localization service as our mission, we are dedicated to providing high-quality language service for individuals, government departments, enterprises and other various organizations. One Translation is a modern and typical translation company in the translation field of China, is the first translation company proposing the advanced translation management concept, T (Technology) + L (Language) + P (Process), specialized in providing professional translation service for the customers all over the world.

One Translation has many successful service cases in the industries, such as, automobile, large machinery, automatic machinery, electronics, photoelectricity, law, finance, securities, biology engineering, medicine and pharmacology, construction engineering, IT (software, hardware), games, cartoon, multimedia, literature, art and so on.

One Translation has cooperated with more than 100 domestic and overseas professional translators and provided high-quality translation service of over 30 kinds of languages including English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Thai, Malaysian, etc. The translation services provided by us are highly praised by the customers.

One Translation has established long-term cooperation relationships with many enterprises in mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Asia, America, Europe, Australia and other areas. We realize the close interaction and cooperation among the translation freelancer all over the world, the in-house translation and proofreading staff, the professional DPT staff and the process management personnel through Internet to provide 7x24 quick-response services for various customers.

One Translation is not an early-established translation company in China, however, as the innovator of quality control and precise process management in translation field and as the long-term translation service provider of many World Top 500 companies, Xiamen Top 100 enterprises and various government departments, we stick to the spirit of professionalism and innovation to realize systemized quality control and scale language translation service so as to become the new model of the translation field in China.

One Translation Promotes Your Development in Global Business!


We have been strictly implementing the following national or international standards.
LISA QA Model 3.1
SAE J2450
National Standard of China
ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance System



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